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PARI Turboboy 'S'
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PARI TurboBOY 'S' Nebuliser

  • The popular choice (4 years and older).
  • Mains-only system for adult home use.
  • Supplied with PARI LC PLUS nebuliser, adult mouthpiece and mask.
  • Guaranteed for 3 years.

The inhalation device for nearly all children of 4 and upwards with diseases of the lower respiratory tract, e.g. asthma, bronchitis and similar.

PARI LC PLUS Turbo Nebuliser with valve system for efficient continuous nebulisation - short inhalation times and reduced medication loss.

Combinable with a variety of accessories:

  • PARI PEP-System for the time-saving combination of inhalation therapy and physiotherapy.
  • PARI SOLE for moist, warm inhalation treatment of the upper respiratory tract. Provides quick relief, e.g. for colds.
  • PARI THERM for gentle warming of the aerosol, ideal for cold-sensitive respiratory passages

All PARI nebuliser systems are suitable for use with any nebulised drug.

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